curriculum vitae

Paul Perry
London GB 1956

projects and proposals


Film Project: Review This Life
Commision by the NPS (a Dutch broadcaster) to produce an internet video using state of the art 360° video technology.

(Collaboration with Rogério Lira. In progress)



Public Art Project: Amsterdam 2.0 (Amster-Mecca)
Phase 3 of the Amsterdam 2.0 project.

(In progress)



Sculpture Project: The Last Will and Testament of Stoffer Jan Reinders
A project for a monumental churchyard which involves the drafting of a will and the setting up of a legal trust in the name of a (as yet) non-existent entity. Eligibility as a beneficiary of the will requires that one legally change his or her name to Stoffer Jan Reinders.

(In progress)



Film Project: A Thousand Deaths
A series of short films in which the drug ketamine is used to simulate a near-death experience. The first episode, 'Sortie 1' was completed in December 2000. The second, 'Sortie 2' in December 2001.

'A Thousand Deaths: Sortie 1', 2000 (video, 9 min.)
'A Thousand Deaths: Sortie 2', 2001 (video, 8 min.)

"If death is a mirror in which the meaning of life is reflected, then the Near Death Experience is a short excursion through that looking glass and back again..."



Project: Event Horizon
Commission by DasArts, a postgraduate program for theatre makers and choreographers in Amsterdam, to develop and run a 10 week thematic module for 12 participants.

'Event Horizon', the result, was an extremely intense inquiry into vampires, death, altered states of consciousness, and the limits of human experience and knowledge.



Corporate Proposal: One Hundred Years of Solicitude
Commissioned by Josette Jacobs, a researcher in applied hermeneutics at the University of Wageningen and NUON, an energy multinational, to represent the idea of 'sustainability'.

Proposed is 'One Hundred Years of Solicitude', a calender designed to measure a hundred years of concern, of involvement in and within the world; a poetic chronical of hopes and relations:

"... not an object, simplified and abstracted but a process, a present and a past, a history of interaction and interpretation, time-based and cumulative, not a drama but an epic."



Public Art Project: Amsterdam 2.0 (New Rules for a New Age)
Phase 2 of the of Amsterdam 2.0 project. Commission to further develop scenarios and strategies for the (future) city of Amsterdam.

Personal contribution: a constitution for Amsterdam 2.0 drawn from contemporary anarcho-capitalist theory and 17th century republican ideas. A rule set not for single city but a 'master constitution' designed to spawn hundreds of rule sets for new and radically diverse cities.



Sculpture Project: Nuclear Garden
A garden featuring a (sub critical) nuclear reactor. First conceived as a sculpture for an exhibition in Wageningen, 'Nuclear Garden' continues to evolve as a series of garden plans, the latest executed as a work for the exhibition 'Immortality Suite' (2001).



Sculpture Project: Good and Evil on the Long Voyage
A project developed with Prof. Dr. Frans Ramaekers and Mr. Wiel Debie from the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of Maastricht and presented in the exhibition (P)reservations.

'Good and Evil on the Long Voyage' is a sculpture containing an immortal, trans-gene cell culture, created by the fusion of a cancer cell of a mouse with one of my own white blood cells.



Public Art Proposal: The Driver's Safety Companion and Energy Harness
Commission (with Mike Tyler and David Kremers) to develop one or more artworks for the A7 and N31 highways that pass the town of Drachten.

Personal contribution: the 'Driver's Safety Companion', a small animated light that meets and accompanies drivers along a kilometer of highway, and 'Energy Harness', an apparatus for 'stealing' energy from passing cars.



Sculpture Proposal: Sloth Farm and Simple Rules
Commission to develop a concept for a piece of art for a new fire station in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Two different proposals submitted. The first, 'Sloth Farm', describes a small habitat for live sloths, maintained by the firemen and reflecting on their strong guardian ethic. The second, 'Simple Rules', specifies a system for the display of cellular automata, visualizing the activity of the fire station as a set of evolving patterns.



Project: Elhorst Vloedbelt
Artist consultant to Elhorst Vloedbelt waste storage site.



Public Art Project: Amsterdam 2.0 (City Tribe Law)
Commission (with Maurice Nio and Gerald van der Kaap) to develop future scenarios and strategies for the city of Amsterdam.

Personal contribution: 'City Tribe Law', depicts Amsterdam as an autonomous city state which has seceded from the rest of the Netherlands. In this scenario Amsterdam is composed of hundreds of non-territorial cities, created by subscriber citizens and balanced in a tribal-like ecosystem which grows not by physical expansion but by selling franchises.



Public Art Project: Garden for Two Cars (Cultigen Garden)
Commission by Stichting Bruggelings to reflect upon modern land art and the new Flevopolder landscape.

The initial proposal was a garden design based on strips of asphalt and plant species which are dependent on human beings for their reproduction (cultigens).

Realised was a parking lot 'garden' that included two cars and a piece of 'clear-cut' forest.



Public Art Proposal: Abri (shelter)
Commission by the Prof. Dr. G.Van der Leeuw Stichting to design a contemporary 'shelter' for one of the transit lounges at Schiphol airport.

Proposed was a group of totem poles, one of which would contain a revivable, cryonically suspended blue whale brain.



Corporate Project: Triple P
Artist-consultant to an information technology multi-national. Advisor to the CEO. Co-responsible for the development and communication of a new corporate identity.



Public Art Proposal: The Origin of Pride. A New Species of Insect is Named for the Municipality of Oosterhout.
A project conceived for an exhibition in Oosterhout addressing the status of public art and public space.

The 'Origin of Pride' questions the identity of a generic place by negotiating a new identity for it -- in Oosterhout's case its name is associated with a new (still to be classified) insect species:

"Korzybski has said that the map is NOT the territory. By this he means we shouldn't confuse the representation with the reality, mix up the name of the object with the object it signifies (...) Elsewhere the deconstructive project has argued that the map refers only to other maps and there is no ultimate signified, the territory itself does not exist (...) Perhaps we can, in Oosterhout, say the map BECOMES the territory when, by our mapping, we bring a new reality into being?"



Public Art Proposal: Plantation. A Visual Meditation on the Political Economy of Cannabis Sativa.
Commission to design a float for a flower parade (Bloemen Corso) where some of the floats have been designed by contemporary artists.



Public Art Proposal: A Monument to Vaassen, and for Vaassen, A Monument to the End of the Dutch Village.
Proposal to build a community rice paddy for for a small Dutch village on the Veluwe.



Curatorial Project: Wild Talent
Conceived and curated the exhibition 'Wild Talent' presenting work from Henk Helmantel, Diederik Kraaipoel, Rein Pol, Bart Domburg, Jouke Kleerebezem, Kees van der Ploeg, Ronald van Tienhoven.



Curatorial Project: Capital Gains
Conceived and curated the exhibiton 'Capital Gains' presenting work from Hans van Houwelingen, Jorgen Leijenaar, Aernout Mik, Paul Perry and Berend Strik.