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A List of Outsider Gardens and Visionary Environments.

  1. The Orvydas Garden in Lithuania (Alamut 29.04.00).

  2. The Garden of Armand Schulthess in Switzerland (now destroyed). From the InfoArcadia catalogue:

    "In 1942 the former official Armand Schulthess bought a 2 hectare parcel of forest near Auressio in the Swiss district Tessino. In 1951 he moved to the small house located on this plot. During the next two decades he developed an encyclopaedic cosmology on his small estate, or to use the words of the German curator Harald Szeemann, a "written cosmos." Thousands of paint bucket lids, cardboard sheets and other objects were decorated with hand written or typed propositions that were mainly copied from encyclopedias, works of literature and professional journals. Over the years the trees in Schulthess' forest were decorated with these propositions, that were hung on branches and connected with wires."

  3. Palais Ideal, by the French postman Ferdinand Cheval.

  4. Watts Towers by Simon Rodia.

  5. The Garden of Eden by Samuel Perry Dinsmoor.

    'S. P. Dinsmoor, the William Blake of the American West.'

  6. Nek Chand' Rock Garden at Chandigarh, India.

    About Nek Chand (from Raw Vision Magazine)


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What is Outsider Art?

An introductory article (and typology) from Raw Vision Magazine.

Raw Vision Magazine

A print magazine for 'Outsider Art', 'Art Brut', and 'Contemporary Folk Art'.

De Stadshof

Museum for naive and outsider art in Zwolle.

Art and Visionary Environments of Nevada

A page of The Center for Land Use Interpretation's site.

Wares for Art Online Bookstore

INTUIT, Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

With a page of links to Outsider Art Environments.

"Outsider art environments can be found throughout the world. Almost impossible to describe, but a wonder to behold, outsider art environments are the handiwork of self-taught architects, tinkerers, artist-philosophers, eccentrics, and folk artists, who have been inspired to remake their personal spaces by combining architecture, sculpture, and landscaping, often in wildly imaginative ways but with little regard for zoning or building codes. Springing from the singular vision of its creator, outsider art environments can take a lifetime to complete."

Outsider Art, The Nameless Art of a Scrapheap Subculture

Article by Tori Orr.

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