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Barthelme, Donald

1931-1989 (58)

Come Back, Dr. Caligari. 1964. (short stories)
Snow White. 1967. (novel) *
Unspeakable Paractices, Unnatural Acts. 1968. (short stories) *
City Life. 1970. (short stories)
Sadness. 1972. (short stories)
The Dead Father. 1975. (novel)
Amateurs. 1976. (short stories)
Great Days. 1979. (short stories)
Sixty Stories. 1981. (short stories)
Overnight to Many Distant Cities. 1983. (short stories)
Paradise. 1986. (novel)
Forty Stories New York: Putnam's, 1987. (short stories)
The King. New York: Harper & Row, 1990. (novel) *
The Teachings of Don B. 1992. (collected writings)

Canetti, Elias

Auto da Fe

Gaddis, William

The Recognitions

Carpenter's Gothic

Gass, William

The Tunnel

O'Brien, Flann

1911-1966 (55). Pseudonym for Brian O'Nolan. 'The Third Policeman', his second novel was turned down, and was published posthumously.

At-Swim-Two-Birds. 1939.
The Third Policeman. 1940. Pub. 1967.

The Poor Mouth. 1941.
The Hard Life. 1962.
The Best of Myles. 1968. (newspaper columns)
The Dalkey Archive. 1964.

Powers, Richard

Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance.
Prisoner's Dilemma.
The Goldbug Variations. 1991.
Galatea 2.2. 1995.

Vollmann, William

You Bright and Risen Angels

Wallace, David Foster

Infinite Jest.

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